Saturday, July 13, 2024
Miankala Lagoon

It is a peninsula at the southeastern end of the Caspian Sea, twelve kilometers north of Behshahr. Its area is more than 68 thousand hectares and its height is between 15 and 28 meters less than the level of the Azad Sea. Miancale was designated as a "protected area" since 1348 and is currently under the titles of wildlife sanctuary, international wetland and natural reserve. It is under environmental protection. One of the reasons for the importance of Miankala is that there is no other area on the southern shores of the Caspian Sea where the natural environment has remained relatively untouched. All other beaches have been extensively transformed by human constructions such as roads, towns and villages, and factories. For this reason, the health of this region is very important in maintaining the health of the entire Caspian Sea. The relative health of Miankala has made the wetlands and beaches of this area to be the spawning ground and main habitat of many Caspian sea fish, especially carp, mullet and sturgeon, in addition to migratory birds. Nearly half of Iran's caviar is caught from the waters of this region.